Wastewater Ponds

Wastewater Pond Management

Water management has reached crisis levels in the agriculture industry. California is in its worst drought in 500 years. April 1, 2015 Governor Brown directs first ever statewide mandatory water reductions and $1 billion emergency drought package for the worst drought conditions since.

The two critical factors affecting the agricultural industry irrigation ponds are the loss of water due to evaporation and the cost of controlling algae blooms and the environmental effects of the chemicals to control them.
The primary contributing factor to evaporation is sunlight and temperature that is attributed to climate change according to the USGS.

Our Saturn Disc pond float provides a 99% total eclipsing of the sun over a pond water surface of any size. Eliminating the two most costly factors of agriculture pond management, evaporation and algae blooms, are the primary concerns for this industry today. Evaporation abatement by the Phoenix Plastics hexagon disc reached a 96.2% reduction at the Center for Irrigation Technology of California’s Fresno State University. Sunlight is the most contributing factor to the growth of algae in an irrigation pond followed by the nutrient content of the water.

Please use our evaporation cost calculator to see how much water you are losing form your pond or reservoir.
Note: This data is from the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) evaporation pan monitored at The Center for Irrigation Technology of California’s Fresno State University and does not take into account thermal stratification effects of deep bodies of water.

The Saturn Disk Aquatic Float prevents the following:

  • Gas Emissions – The Saturn Disc Aquatic Float reduces gas emissions by 95%. This is not only environmentally friendly, but safety is increased by not releasing hazardous gases such as ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O) into the atmosphere.
  • Algae – Autotrophic microalgae are prevented from growing as they rely on photosynthesis which is prevented by obscuring the sunlight.
  • Chemical Reactions – Chemical reactions that are contingent on sunlight are prevented due to the concealment of the sunlight. An example of a chemical reaction is when naturally occurring Bromide is combined with Chlorine (added during the treatment process) which react after exposure to sunlight to produce Bromate, a known carcinogen.
  • Contaminant and Pathogen Propagation – By deterring birds & wildlife, the spread of pathogens such as Cryptosporitium are diminished. Birds are known to transmit H5N1, Cryptosporidium meleagridis, Giardia lamblia, microsporidia, Salmonella, Campylobacter & Mycobacterium spp. Birds are deterred by the matte black light-absorbing color. Also, since view of the water is obstructed, animals do not have access and therefore, contamination through feces and saliva is avoided, resulting in cleaner, purer water. 

Gas Emissions

Gas emissions pose a substantial threat to public safety. There are a variety of noxious gases released by agricultural wastewater ponds such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous oxide, and others depending on the composition of the effluent. The Saturn Disc Aquatic Float promotes safety by inhibiting the release of gases into the environment. 


The Saturn Disc Aquatic Float can assist in anaerobic ponds by inhibiting the growth of autotrophic algae, thus reducing the amount of topical oxygen in the pond. This is because algae produce oxygen and by eclipsing the light, autotrophic algae cannot survive. The Saturn Disc Aquatic Float can be used in aerobic ponds with an aeration apparatus. 


  • The Saturn Disc Aquatic Float reduces the emission of greenhouse gases such as methane, resulting in a GREENER, more sustainable tomorrow.
  • The Saturn Disc Float is fully RECYCLABLE and REUSABLE! Depending on the condition of the floats, they can be 100% recycled. They can also be used in short-term applications since the floats are easily removable and transportable. 

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